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Enter the streets of Metora

{{And let Destiny guide you}}

Discover Destiny - A Final Fantasy AU RP
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Metora City
The city that never sleeps
The city that runs on lie, deception and more
The city which is right around the corner.

Appilcation Status: Open Post all appilcations in: dd__ooc

Metora is a city were the people are always up and the streets are always full. The metropolis, powered by ShinRa Electric Power Co. is home to over one million residents. Tall skyscrapers loom on every sidewalk in this city seem to go on forever and would certainly do a number on anyone who tried to look at the top from the ground. Gigantic water fountains surround the metropolis, giving it a more futuristic look and certainly attracting tourists all the more. In the tainted clouds that hang about the sky are long stretching airways that serve as a mode of transportation from place to place in Metora. High-speed aerocars and hover-cars travel along them in flashes of neon. Each of the four individual islands that surround the city’s mainland are connected with metallic bridges that light up during the twilight with age-old luminosity. The characters of Final Fantasy games I through FFX-2, Tactics (and Tactics Advanced) and Before Crisis will live in Atrocia in any of the 9 districts. It will be up to them to survive life in the fast-pace city with jobs, school, friendships, and relationships. Will they survie or crumble underneath the pressure?


Districts of Metora City
-District I(Taytmyht-Main Al Bhed Territory)
-District II(Alexandria)
-District III(Wutai)
-District IV(Luca)
-District V(Bevelle-Alternate Al Bhed Territory)
-District IV(Lindblum Island)
-District IIV(Winhill)
-District IIIV(Nibelheim)
-District IX--Downtown Metora(Midgar-Home of ShinRa Co.)


[1] Respect. No flaming. Most disputes can be avoided by a calm chat or mature word with a moderator.

[2].No Godmoding. Do not do it...just don't. For you who don't know what God-moding is, it's when you take control over anothers character that isn't yours.

[3]. A character journal is required.

[4] Journals are kept to record your character's thoughts, actions, and brief wrap-ups from the last RP. Please try to comment on other's entries.

[5]Please respect the rights of other players and your mods; ask before you bring in their characters, harm them, or otherwise inflict actions or emotions upon them.

[6]There is a four character limit; you may start off with two. If you can handle more than four, ask the mods and you may be able to get another one. We are really nice you know ;)

[7]Rping doesn't always have to take place in the community, you may roleplay outside the community on AIM, msn, yahoo etc. Once finished that roleplay please post it up in the community in a cut-tag for others to see/read.

[8]Be nice to the mods. |Note: If ya wanna become a mod...just contact myself and I'll get back to you| Don't mess with us spiffy mods! =3), or Rikku shall sick Sephiroth with his (awfully long) sword after you or something ^_^. And he'll probably show no mercy.

[9]You can change character's personalities to whatever you'd like, after all - it's an AU. However, there are some details you cannot change. Race, for one. Kimahri is still a ronso, Rikku is still an Al Bhed, Red XIII is still a... well... yeah, whatever he is. Also, family. Zidane and Mikoto are still brother and sister. As are Rikku and Brother. As X-Cid is their father. ETC. That's just the way it is.

[10] You must also be a member of: dd__ooc and dd_logs

[11] Try to be as active as possible, if you aren't going to be here for a while, post it up in the community to let the reast of us know thankyou. If you are gone for a rather long time (one or two months) and no one has heard anything from you, I'm sorry but you'll lose your character and it will be free for others to take once again.

[12] R and NC-17 content is allowed; however, anything above a PG-13 should be labeled appropriately in the cut-tag and/or preferably done on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

[13] I'm making this rule before the whole original character thing gets out of hand. There are allowed only 3 original characters in this community. No more than there or I shall have to sick Sephy on you =3


Oh-so-spiffy Moderators
Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any questions what so ever. We'll glady help and/or assit you in you needs.

final_illusions AIM: xxchaotickitty
saraphrenia AIM: Jibrielle7



If you would like to apply for a character please fill out this form and post in the ooc community; dd__ooc, titled 'Character Request' or anything else you see fitting, then wait for a mod to approve or reject.

OOC Journal: (if none just leave blank)
Contact Info (AIM, Yahoo, etc):

Requested Character:
Character's Age:
Character's Journal:
If in school, Character's Grade/Year:
If not, Character's Occupation:
Character's Personality:
Character's Sexuality:
Character's Living Conditions:
Any other info about the character:



Final Fantasy VII

Aeris Gainsborough
Player: Bethany :: Moderator
Journal: last_cetra
Mun's journal: saraphrenia
AIM: AerisReborne
Email: Pandapancakes7@hotmail.com

Cloud Strife
Player: Ryan
Journal: cloudxx
Mun's journal: goldencloudxx (GJ)
AIM: xxgoldencloud
Email: --

Player: Fry :: Moderator
Journal: simply_blurty
Mun's Journal: final_illusions
AIM: simply elenax
Email: xxchaotickitty@yahoo.com.au

Final Fantasy X/X-2

Player: Bethany :: Moderator
Journal: empyreal_song
Mun's Journal: saraphrenia
AIM: SongOfLenne
Email: PandaPancakes7@hotmail.com

Player: Grace
Journal: machinamaw__
Mun's Journal: xthe_far_planex
AIM: TehHyperionBlade
Email: --

Player: Jamie
Journal: [Hasn't made]
Mun's Journal: jamiefawkes
AIM: Makito chan
Email: --