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Firsth posteh! =3

{Ooc: *coughs*....heh...This is a introduction posteh yeah, peoples must join or else Sephy with his uber long sword shall hunt you don't and kick your ass =3}

Setting: Midgar, a few blocks from the ShinRa building
Time: Around 11-ish
Characters: If people don't come I shall get PO'ed big time


“Where the fuck did he go?”

What can you say, it’s another murky cold morning in Metora City, people are outside looking like they hadn’t slept for hours, in fact last night there was a shootout in the main street of District IX-Midgar, also known as Downtown Metora. No wonder no one got any sleep, including Reno Sinhart. The Turk gave a small growl entering yet another alleyway, he had been chasing this guy who had stolen something from Shinra which pissed off the wrong person, namely… well he really didn’t get a shit who the guy had pissed off.

He was ordered to hunt him down and kill him, Pfft, must have found out a little to much for his own good. There was a sound of movement behind him, which caused the Turk to stop dead in his tracks, “Trying to sneak away eh?” he muttered with a roll of his eyes. “Move one more step and you’ll have more than 4000 blots of electricity running through your system” this wasn’t just a mere threat, he was serious, Reno was always serious when it came to death threats.

With a swift movement, the Turk turned around and shoved his EMR into the guys back, sending watts after watts of electrical currents into him. The man let out a blood curdling scream which echoed throughout most of that area, yup it’s just another normal day.

{Ooc: The post is shitty I know…couldn’t think of anything else to type and I was kinda distracted *snorts* heh}
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